Scale your tee shirt empire

Amazon? Shopify? We got you covered. Leverage our design team to fuel your online tee shirt business in the HOT, print-on-demand industry. We make killer designs that opens up wallets. Smoke your competition with designs that ACTUALLY sell.

Start Making Money
You know how to market and sell, but you can’t design?

Stop laboring over color decisions and multiple revision requests with designers you just met and probably don’t even trust. Buy sizzling designs from a dedicated team of designers with a company you can count on.

Stop searching for the next hot niche!

We’ve done it for you! Leverage our in house research team and amazing designs to rocket past your competitors and start making money online immediately.

Have a great idea but don’t know how to articulate it?

Order up a custom design from our pixel magicians and will bring your hot idea to reality. Affordable options for custom designs will have your online business turning a profit on day one.

Got Amazon Merch Slots To Fill?

  • Skip the Fiverr gigs and disappointing Upwork results and buy unlimited “agency quality” designs with our membership
  • Evergreen and trending niches with an amazing loyalty program built in with every purchase
  • Merch ready package designs that can be leveraged on the popular print-on-demand marketplaces

Need something custom for charity, school or business?

  • Impress your customers or members with an award winning design that reflects the best qualities of your business, school or charity
  • Super fast turnaround times for custom design work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Affordable pricing for any size organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own the rights to the designs after I purchase them?

Yep, totes! You get exclusive, commercial rights to the designs that you purchase and can sell them or use them in any manner possible.

Can I ask for a revisions of the designs?

Nope, sawee! In order to keep our design process streamlined and maintain our low rock bottom processing, we can’t go back and forth with revision requests. We do offer revisions however for an additional cost if needed.

Why is there a monthly membership fee?

We charge a low monthly fee for a lot of reasons. The most important are: It keeps the copycats out, it weeds out the “tire kickers” and it allows us to continually add value with new feature sets and finding the best design talent. Dig?

What actual files do I get once I make a purchase?

We give you everything you need to be successful in selling your designs. After purchase you’ll get 4 files: two design files in a .png format (one for shirts and one for hoodies), the actual source file from the designer in either .psd or .ai format and a free tee shirt mock up file for landing pages or social media campaigns.

What file sizes do the files come in?

We give you the source design files so you can alter the image or size of any design you purchase and we give you a transparent background .png file with 300 dpi and size of 4500x5400 for shirts and one of 4500px x 4050px for hoodies both of which are ready for upload to most print on demand marketplaces.

Feeling good? Let’s rock it together!