$150 profit off one one tee shirt design

We're back again with another great testimonial.  This time from our awesome member Jeff who went outside his comfort zone and bought a "Cubby Unicorn" desingn from us.

He must have known the potential of the niche or really just loved Chubby Unicorns but either way, he's riding that unicorn all the way to the bank right now.

When i spoke with Jeff he told me a little bit about his strategy for pricing.  We've been hearing this alot too around the Amazon groups latley as well.

He chose to price the shirt low at $17.99 and after he saw some organic sales, he slowly increased the price to up and up to chase the market on his shirt.

The reason why this works is because most shoppers on Amazon on not price sensitive so whether the shirt is being sold for $17.99 or $21.99, they are still going to buy it.  The catch is that you need some sales.

So in this strategy, Jeff priced the design very low until he caught some sales momentum and then rode the wave of sales as he slowly increased his pricing.

We love this idea and if you deploy this startegy with every design then you are bound to create a snowball effect across your entire portfolio.

Not convinced?  We have a lots more these testimonials we'll be posting on our site but now is the time to join and grab your next winning design.  Amazon is open 24/7