5 things you didn’t know about Amazon Merch

1. You have 120 days to sell a shirt on Amazon Merch

Amazon imposed a 120 day restriction on newly uploaded tee shirts in an effort to slow all of the ‘robo-preneurs” who were hiring Virtual Assistants like crazy to design and upload generic tee shirt designs by the thousands.

Talk about ruining a good thing.

But most sellers think you have to sell your designs every 120 days to keep the shirt “alive” before Amazon Merch pulls it, but that’s not the case.

A quick peek into their FAQ and you’ll see you only have to sell each design within the first 120 days and your shirt lives forever!

Now go buy your own shirt!


2. You will get taxed on your Amazon Merch sales

This, like any other online venture is not a free ride with Uncle Sam.  As matter of fact, even if you’re an overseas seller Amazon will still require you to fill out a lengthy tax questionnaire that will hold you accountable to your own country’s tax laws.

To make things simple for Amazon (and because it’s the law) they can withhold 30% of your net payout if you live and create designs overseas to be sold on Amazon Merch.


3. Each color of your shirt has it’s own ASIN

I didn’t even realize this at first but it certainly makes sense now.  Amazon has their own sku number system and it’s called an ASIN or Amazon Stock Identifier Number.  amazon merch

I always wondered how they kept the colors straight and I sure did feel dumb when I found out because I’m also an Amazon FBA seller and I should have known better.

Just goes to show you how much there is to learn.  The market is evolving every three months and the more you can educate yourself there better off you’ll be!


4. Amazon takes trademarks very seriously

It wasn’t always the case but it only took around a year or so until they clamped down and started suspending sellers for protected content.

Want to make some Star Wars or Disney designs?  Think again or try www.fanprint.com

So how can you protect yourself?  Head on over to MerchResearch or grab this nifty and inexpensive Chrome extension.

What’s particularly nasty about a trademark suspension on your Amazon Merch seller’s account is that they can freeze and withhold ALL of your royalties.  No question asked…”or answered” sometimes.

What are you going to do?  Sue Amazon.  ?


5. Amazon Merch is a marathon, not a sprint

Even though we’re only a little over a year into the Amazon Merch, it’s already a rapidly maturing market in the POD world.

Fortunes have been won and lost and the gold is now a little harder to find.

Which means you have to be ready to commit to a more long term plan as you build your portfolio of designs and share them across all of the POD platforms.

One thing you’ll need for sure in the journey is great designs.  We want to encourage you to sign up for our affordable design membership and scale your tee shirt empire today!