How does Fiverr work and avoiding it [SMART GUIDE]

How does Fiverr work? Fiverr has been all the rage for the past few years and really catapulted the “virtual gig” market to what it is today, a thriving community of online entrepreneurs buying and selling skills. A complete online bazaar of professionals (or scam artists) offering every imaginable service possible you or your small business might need. It’s key to success in the beginning was it’s $5 gig only approach but now it’s moved way beyond that price point and some gigs are north of $100 in cost.

Most of the gigs start at $5 but if the task will take more than 20 mins, it’s probably going to cost you more than $5. Most sellers will offer a variety of different priced packages or tasks for you to pick from. The thought process being that you’ll want more service or faster service and pay more for it. If you’ve ever bought off of Fiverr than you know we’re all guilty of getting “upgraded”.

Sometimes it makes smart business sense but a lot of times, we’re just impatient. And impatience can cost a lot of money in the long run. Over the years they have gotten really good at the data and uniquely placing items, graphics or buzz words in your eye sight to push you towards the upsell. And believe me, since Fiverr get’s a cut of all the business flowing through their marketplace, they want to upgrade you as much as possible.