This guy sold his Merch account for $66,000

Have you ever thought about selling your Amazon Merch Account?

According to Chris Wilkey he wrote ahead and made sure it was OK to do with Amazon and he is sure glad he did because he was able to sell his accont on for $66,000 dollars.

Chris has been in the Amazon FBA world for some time now and runs lots of coaching groups and classes and that Amazon expierencd led him to quickly grow his Amazon Merch account to over $3K dollars a month.

His secret to success?

We've heard it before but, good designs.  Good niches and great keywords.

Some of us would rather keep that income for ourselves each month but it really just depends on your financial goals.  It took less than a year for Chris to scale his Merch busienss and then off load for a big payday.

What would you do with $66,000 dollars?

In the mean time check out and bookmark Chris's new blog!  Bookmark it because it has yet to be launched.