This seller made $94 in profit off of just one tee shirt design

It's always great getting feedback and testimonials about your company and when we get them we love to share them.  We have plenty to pick from and share but we havent made it a priority in the past.  We were honestly just judging satisfaction based purely on how many members we retained month-of-over-month in the past.

This one was a pretty cool one so we had to share it.

Our good customer and member Stacy had recently bought a killer design from us in the Father's Day niche and after posting it for only a week or so she was able to get 13 sales from it for an estimated $94 in profit.

Her actual gross sales were $260 roughly but after Amazon's cut, she was left with almost $100.

Not bad for a $10 investment with little-to-no upfront capital investment.

As Stacy describes it:

"13 sold so far.  I marketed it as a Father's Day gift.  I did use AMS to drive some traffic it's way but according to those analytics, it only drove a couple of sales as a result.  Most of the sales have been organic because it is ranking so well."

The awesome thing about the online tee shirt buisness and a membership with is that after you buy a design, it's yours.  You own exclusive rights to it and it literally can be an asset that keeps paying you profit as long as you have it up and running.