💰 Why the Costco design model works

You have many options when it comes to getting designs for your print on demand empire.  And you can always find 5-10 people that will advocate for each one of those strategies but today were going to breakdown some of the math with the Design Candy model.

Our model is often referred to as the "Costco" membership model.

Costco Model  

Just like Costco, you pay an annual fee to access a store with great perks.  Members enjoy a multitude of benefits like discounted items, better quality products, great return policy, etc, etc.

Currently the membership is $20/mo or $240 a year. If you buy the annual plan then it's $199 and you save 2 months of membership costs.

When we asked for some testimonials from some of our members we were delighted when Chad Martin told us how well he was doing with just one of the many designs he bought from Design Candy.

"I've sold 33 of this shirt design alone"

Chad is selling his shirt at $19.99 and that comes out to be a profit of around $240 after 33 shirt sales.

What's interesting about his success is that his keywords were not that long or complex.  He just chose the right keywords, keywords that were strategic along with a great design he thought would sell.

So let's assume that Amazon keeps rewarding Chad within their algorithms and keeps showing his shirt to customers which results in sales.

This one design could literally pay for his entire membership each year and more.  It could go on to be a $10K shirt design, only time will tell and you never know.

Now of ofcourse we're tooting our own horn here but it's always nice to be able to show some real results from our members whenever we can.

Yeah, but couldn't I just hire designers myself?

You sure can.  And we actually encourage it if you have the slots available for you on Amazon Merch.  We can either be your sole source for designs or a complimentry source and tool in your toolbelt to scale your Merch Empire up.

What you have to remember is that there is lots of risks that come with hiring out your own designers?

💡 Can you trust them?
💡 Do you want to manage them? (cause you'll have to)
💡 Do you want to research the niches?
💡 Do you have time to go back and forth with revisions? (cause you'll have to)

Time is money.  Design Candy takes all of that back and forth out of the equation for you with our pre-researched, trademark free killer designs that look like you paid $50-$100+ for.

$10 a design can really add up

Your right, but if you consider expenses you'll be paying for software, VAs and your time...$10 starts to look really small.  Especially when one design could make you thousands of dollars a year.

With our built in loyalty program, every 10th design is free which actually knocks the designs down to $9 each. Subtract out all your costs for what you would have to spend if you did this design yourself and we become the better deal.

In addition, we also sell designs for $5 and $2 and will be introducing bulk packages in the near future.

What else can I do with designs I buy from Design Candy?

We're glad you asked.  Once you buy a design from us, you own it for life with unlimited commercial rights to it.  So you can sell the design on Etsy, TeeSpring, TeePublic, Redbubble...the list goes on and on.


There is a lot to consider when scaling your Merch empire but we hope to become one of your trusty options as you grow.