Frequently Asked Questions

What is Design Candy?

Design Candy is a design service company that focuses on designs for the print on demand industry. We also do custom designs for anything you may need.

Who uses Design Candy?

Members of Design Candy are looking for access to great designs for their print on demand business that are trademark free, only sold to them, and will sell.

Are designs trademark free?

We research the designs for trademark conflicts and at the time of providing them for sale no trademark conflicts exist.

How many times are designs sold?

Tee shirt designs are sold once. Once a design is put into the shopping cart, we remove it from the site. If the purchase is complete, we add the design to your purchases page. If the sale is cancelled or not completed the design is return to the site.

Mockup designs are sold to multiple times. Mockup designs are used when selling on sites that let you upload your own images (etsy, eBay, shopify) and these are used to make the listing more appealing. Just add your tee shirt design to the mock up and load to your site.

How much do designs cost?

Paid members pay $10 a design.

Free members pay $17 a design.

Designs that are not sold after a period of time will be reduced in price. Check the sales tab often to see what designs are available for a discounted price.

What design file sizes are provided?

Currently we provide a transparent design file size 4500 X 5400. We also provide an image of a black short sleeve shirt with the design on it for marketing.

Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes, we do. For every 9 designs you buy you get a $10 discount code. For every 6 months that you are active (active is a paid membership and purchased 4 designs in the past 6 months) you will receive a $10 discount code. The discount codes can be used on any design or mockup you choose.

How long after I add a design to my shopping card do I have to complete the purchase?

After you have added a design to the shopping cart you have 5 minutes to complete the purchase. This is does so designs are not left in the shopping cart preventing others from buying designs.

Do you offer refunds?

We don’t offer refunds on monthly memberships or designs. Because of the nature of digital products we can’t offer refunds. If you have an annual membership we offer full refunds in the first 7 days if you have purchased no designs. We will pro-rate out time left on the annual if a refund is requested or it is after 7 days.

Do designs on discounted order count towards the loyalty program?

No. For any order that has a coupon used none of the designs will count towards the loyalty program of buy 9 and get a $10 coupon.

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